About the Instructor

About the Head Instructor

Instructor Cheryl ClevelandOdessa Martial Arts was founded by Cheryl Cleveland. Cheryl Cleveland is the head Black Belt Instructor with over 19 years of Taekwondo training. Cheryl made headlines when she set a new world record at the 2009 U.S. Open Martial Arts Tournament for breaking five 1-inch boards back to back with a side kick. In 2010 she broke 6 boards which is still currently the world record for a female. The skyrocketing success of her past donation based “kids class” for ages 5-8 has also made the news.

Cheryl’s life passion is teaching Taekwondo.  She is patient and supportive to beginners and challenges the advanced to always accomplish more.  Although Taekwon-Do is her main joy she has trained in 5 other martial arts as well. Cheryl looks forward to sharing her knowledge of this fun and challenging martial art with you!

Taekwon-Do has taught me to persevere through challenges. Taekwon-Do has made my muscles flexible, it has made me stronger, it has given me healthy days of energy, it has given my mind a place of meditation, it has been the beginning of many friendships, it has taught me balance and speed, it has tested my limits and has rewarded me with confidence for conquering my limits. Through Taekwon-Do I have improved both my physical and mental health and have nourished a positive “I can” attitude. I hope to share my knowledge and love of this art to benefit as many people as possible.

Cheryl Cleveland's record breaking board break

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