Kids Karate

Ages 5-7
Always enrolling new students!

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In each 30 minute class kids will learn proper etiquette, bowing and following directions quickly. Kids will practice discipline, goal setting and increase confidence. They will gain balance, learn lots of kicks, blocks, strikes, forms, block foam bats, jump over obstacles, and strike through boards. At the end of class we play a fun game and kids earn a stripe on their belt.

Number of classes (stripes) needed to test up to the next belt:
White, Yellow, Orange: 12
Green: 14
Blue: 16
Purple: 18
Red: 20
Brown: 24

After earning their Camouflage Belt students can continue training in the kids class or move up to the Junior class.

Kids Karate Test

Karate Form

Learn Korean


Student Creed
I promise…

To be a good person

To put knowledge in my mind

To put honesty in my heart

To put strength in my body

And to make good friends.