What people saying about us…

“We looked at a lot of schools for Martial Arts before choosing Odessa Martial Arts.  After our children starting taking classes, the adults soon joined in.  It has been quite rewarding to watch our children mature and learn under the leadership of Cheryl Cleveland.  Moving up in the ranks as a family has been a wonderful experience.   While some schools motivate with a hard approach, Cheryl Cleveland has the ability to motivate by setting goals and creating a class atmosphere that is charged with positive energy.  It is remarkable to see the transformation as young white belts mature into class leaders and responsible young adults.

It is simply my opinion, but I would guess that Cheryl Cleveland has more families that take lessons together than the normal school.  I know that as an adult, the last thing that I wanted after a hard day of work was an hour with a drill instructor.  Instead, our children were anxious to go to class and would not let me wimp out after a long day.  I’m glad that we chose the right school.   I give Odessa Martial arts my highest recommendation.  Take a class — talk to some of the other students  —  you will be glad that you did.”  -The MacGuire Family

“We love Odessa  Martial Arts because we can attend together as a family. The focus is on learning and having fun while you learn. Cheryl is a  great teacher who not only loves Tae Kwon Do but also cares about her students and community.”
-Cami Keefner

“I’m absolutely thrilled that I came across this school!!! I studied a different form of martial arts out of state, but the instructors have made me feel more than welcome in their dojo, as well as being affordable. I have also been able to put my future step-children in their kids classes. They enjoy it so much and it is something that we have in common and can practice together at home. Plus it gets all of us off the couch!!!”    -Sincerely, Shamra Zornes

“My son is a fairly new member of the Odessa Martial Arts home, has been attending for two months now. I can’t say enough how glad I am that I enrolled him into this program. He is in Modern Taekwondo and I can’t believe how much he has learned in only two months. Cheryl is an awesome instructor who really makes the kids have fun and learn and always has a smile for everyone no matter how many directions she may be pulled in, she handles the center with pride and it shows.  I highly recommend this program and I thank you Cheryl for being a wonderful instructor, and such a dedicated person.”
– The Moulder Family