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Class Sitting

A minimum # of classes are required to test. (See Ranking System) You will only be tested if the instructor knows you are ready since it would be fruitless to fail an eagerly learning student. Test Fees are $25 and tests consist of:
Basics (stances, blocks, kicks, and strikes)

Forms (Your highest form as well as the prior ones.)

1 Step Defense & non-contact Sparring

Self Defense

Taekwon-Do Knowledge (Terms, history, etc)

and of course the fun part…Board breaking

The belt colors represent a student’s level of training (white belts have little training and black belts have done many years of training.) There are 10 belts before a black belt. The test fee includes your new belt or stripe, certificate, and a booklet about what you will need to learn for your new rank. Testing is a necessary part of progressing to the next level of training, but you will only be tested when the instructor knows you are ready. We promote a friendly, positive, and rewarding environment for learning.


Tenets of Taekwon-do

Needless to say your success as a martial artist depends largely on how he or she implements the tenets of Taekwondo into their training.  The founder, General Choi,

Self Control
Indomitable Spirit

Student Pledge


“As I become a black belt
I will do my best
To gather up my courage
And put my limits to the test
To make the world more peaceful
And hold my head up high
To be all I can be
Until the day I die”

Club Etiquette

Class Sitting

Please wear a clean uniform to class. (Or suitable workout clothes for beginners.)

Removal of all jewelry (watches, etc) is best for your safety, others’ safety, and your jewelry’s safety.

Remove your sneakers and socks before entering the training floor. (Special karate shoes may be purchased on request.)

No Food or beverage on training floor.

Please arrive to class early leaving yourself enough time to pay for class, sign-in, and mentally prepare.

If late, please join in at the back as not to disturb others.

Line up in proper formation by rank.

Do not speak when the instructor is speaking.

Be polite and courteous ay all times and speak in a calm and thoughtful manner.

Never use Taekwon-Do outside of class unless in self defense or in defense of the weak, and then only use the minimum force necessary.

Remember the first rule of self-defense:
Avoid conflict whenever possible.